Century Academy for Excellence has been Renewed!

We are proud to announce that our charter has been renewed for another 5 years! Our charter lasts from the 2016-17 year to the 2021-22 school year! Thank you to the Lennox Elementary School District and Board Members for renewing our charter!

Below is the excerpt from the February 23, 2016 Lennox School Board Meeting approving our charter!



IX.A. Superintendent’s Office 

IX.A.1. Approve the renewal of charter for Century Academy for Excellence (CAFE) (Resolution No. 15-21) 


Mr. Taylor explained the process for the Charter School Renewal.

The District's counsel shared information on their findings based on the requirements, and that were reported to the Lennox School District Board of Trustees. There were comments made by the Board on their personal observations and opinions.


Passed with a motion by Angela Fajardo and a second by Shannon Thomas-Allen.

Abstain Marisol Cruz.
Yes Angela Fajardo.
Yes Sergio Hernandez.
No Juan Navarro.
Yes Shannon Thomas-Allen.

Quick Summary / Abstract:

Approve the renewal of charter for Century Academy for Excellence (CAFE), for the term of 07/01/16 through 06/30/21 (Resolution No. 15-21).

In 2006, an initial Charter Petition was submitted to open Century Academy for Excellence Charter Middle School.  The petition was approved by the Governing Board on May 9, 2006.  The school opened in September 2006.  On February 8, 2011, the Board voted to grant a renewal.  On January 12, 2016, the Board received Century Academy's Petition for Charter Renewal.  On January 26, 2016, the Board held a hearing for Public Comment concerning the renewal.  This hearing was to consider and vote on the renewal."

Dr. Lisa M. EdwardsComment