Frequently Asked Questions

Is Century Academy a Public School?

Yes. Century Academy is a Public School. We are also a Charter School and are independently operated separate from a school district. This means we have some flexibility with how we run our program and can be responsive to the needs of our students and families. We have our own Board of Director who govern our school and ensure we are on the right track. We teach the Common Core Standards and comply with all state and federal testing requirements, just like any other public school. 


Why should My Child Attend Century Academy?

We are a small safe school that provides individualized attention to each and every child. We have highly qualified teachers who are dedicated to ensuring your child's success. We believe that every child can learn at high levels.

In addition, we are free, provide school lunches, have a great after school program, go on numerous field trips, focus on high academic standards, and provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for our students and families. 




How much does it cost to attend Century Academy for Excellence?

Zero. Nilch. Nada! As a public charter school we are FREE to all those who attend. We never charge tuition or fees. We also participate in the National School Lunch Program, and provide free or reduced priced breakfast, snack, and lunch to those who qualify. 

How Do I enroll my child in Century Academy for Excellence?

To enroll your child, you can contact the main office at 323-752-8334 or via email at In addition, you can click on the link on our main navigation page of this website for the enrollment packet. 


When does Century Academy begin accepting applications?

Our open enrollment begins on March 1 of every year through April 1. We accept students on a first come first served basis. If we receive more applications than we have spaces available in any grade level, we will hold a random public drawing to accept students. The earlier you apply the better, just in case.